Intellectual Property Right
Domestic and international trademark registration, opposition, invalidation, bargaining, whistle blowing, transfer, licensing, appeal, administrative litigation and settlement of infringement over exclusive right of trademark.
Domestic and international patent application, opposition, whistle blowing, licensing, appeal, administrative litigation and settlement of infringement over exclusive right of patent.
Domestic and international copyright application, licensing, transfer, and settlement of infringement over copyright.
IPR Education & Training
Providing IPR education & training program in the way of project planning for clients’ staff.
Mainland China Affairs
Legal consulting and services for the issues about economic investment between Taiwan and China, civil and commercial lawsuit, IPR registration, settlement of infringement over IPR, tax and financial regulation laws, real estate laws, technological cooperation and transfer, import/export affairs, company formation and labor affairs.
Commercial Arbitration
Acting for commercial arbitration, serving as the arbitrator domestically, internationally and in mainland China.
Contract drafting and witness
Contract drafting and witness for transaction, partnership, dealership, leasing, guarantee, moveable property pledge, technological cooperation and transfer, joint venture……etc.
Annual Legal Consulting
Annual legal consulting for individual, enterprise, community and cross-Strait.
Industrial / Commercial Investment and Finance-Related Service
Corporation cases like company formation, ownership transfer, capital increase / decrease, corporate bonds issuing, corporate reorganization, liquidation, disbanding and merging.
Labor Cases
Legal services for coordination of labor-management controversy, labor insurance, labor discharge compensation, labor pension, labor safety and healthy……etc.
Consumer Protection Act Csaes
Suggestions for avoiding infringements over consumer rights. Drafting and verifying stereotype contracts.
Settlement of Creditor’s Right and Liabilities
Settlement of checks bouncing, loan collections, convening creditor conferences and bankruptcy announcement.
Real Estate Cases
Drafting and witness for real estate transaction contracts, lease contracts, co-construction contracts.
Civil Affairs
Real estate disputes, lease disputes, transaction disputes, contract execution, damage compensation, insurance claims, creditor’s right protection and enforcement, family law cases and inheritance cases.
Fair Trade Law Cases
Application for permission of cartel, application and contract drawing for multi-level marketing, unfair competition or independence.
Criminal Prosecution Cases
Cases of Infringement of IPR and general criminal suits.