The Genus Intellectual Property Office was founded by the attorney--Ta-Hui, Yeh and the general manager—Annie Show on February 5, 1997. At that time, in Taiwan, Ta-Hui, Yeh is the only attorney who has both China and Taiwan attorney licenses. Moreover, Annie Show has been the patent & trademark attorney for around thirty years.

Because of the impact of global competition, more and more entrepreneurs has paid attention to the business model in protecting their intellectual property right (IPR) and we have to be involved in the trend of IPR. We provide fully vertical integrated services of IPR to our clients in stead of traditional patent & trademark services. For example, we offer brand-building, patent & trademark protection, education & training for IPR, and so forth.

In addition, we established the network of electronic service to provide our clients with real-time information and services via the Internet and E-mail so as to attend the goal of enabling our clients to realize various kinds of laws. No matter where you are or whatever legal questions you have, please feel free to contact us. We will make any efforts to solve all your problems.
In the Genus Intellectual Property Office, there are many professional experts with outstanding practical experiences and they work very closely with each other to ensure that our clients are all satisfied. We strongly believe that the traditional legal services are not good enough to meet clients' needs. Our ambitious goal is to provide clients integrated services to help clients not only prosper their business but also achieve their legal objectives.

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